Do you like traditional, home-cooked food? This excellent restaurant will not disappoint!

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Le Corsaire Restaurant

Eat like a lord

In one of the corners of the Place de la République Sidi el-Houari is an old, stone mansion which is home to one of the best restaurants in the city. Le Corsaire is close to Oran’s port and it offers the most delectable home-made food, a selection of meat and fish of which their popular red mullet and gilt head bream are particularly notable, although you can also try conger eels, moray eels and langoustine. Both the appearance of the restaurant and the preparation of the dishes show that there is not much difference between Oran and the Spanish coast and that they both have a similar history, so much so that they share several common names. For this reason, this place, although not very well signed, is one of the most highly recommended places to eat in the centre of Oran. Are you read to try some authentic delicacies?

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