The preparation and presentation of these lamb dishes will delight you.

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Lham liahlou

Intensively flavoured stews

In 2011, when Sudan was divided into two, Algeria became the largest country in the African continent. Its geographical location bordering the Mediterranean Sea, and also having borders with Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Libya and the Sahara Desert, has led to Oran being a cultural meeting point, a connnection which is also noticeable in its cuisine. And how! One of the dishes that you have to try is a lamb dish called lham liahlou, a type of stew seasoned with cinnamon, orange blossom and cherry. It is divine! There is another way of preparing lamb which is also mouth-watering: mechoui, where the lamb is served roasted and whole. The preparation and presentation of these two dishes, which are very distinctive of Algerian cuisine, makes them both unique and impressive.

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