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Unmissable in Algiers

Although the city of Oran boasts generous and colourful architectural evidence of almost all the chapters of its history, it is also true to say that you will have to make a bit more of an effort to match this achievement in the museums. In fact, we recommend that, if you visit the country’s capital city, Algiers, you take the opportunity to visit MaMa: this museum is a cry for attention from the country to the world. The acronym stands for Museum of Modern Art of Algiers and it was inaugurated in 2007 as part of the project called Algeria Capital of Arab Culture. The building itself tells you what you will see inside: it is an Arabic building that was used during the French period but which, soon after independence, was renovated and renamed. Inside, you will find a good overview of modern and contemporary art by artists from Algeria, Africa and the Arabic world.

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