Its main appeal lies in the wide range of Algerian culinary products on offer.

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Marche Medina Jedida

A quiet shopping area

When considering Oran commercially, it could be described as a disorganized, ramshackle city which has, along its narrow streets, a trail of stalls, small markets and family shops selling products which are genuinely interesting. This, rather than being a drawback, works in the city’s favour; it is a part of the city’s charm which, once discovered, gives it a special magic all of its own meaning that visitors come across pleasant (and unique) surprises on every corner. Marche Medina Jedida is a very quiet, pedestrian area which has various markets and stalls where sellers from the area offer everything from original local handicrafts to their best gastronomic products. It is worth visiting this place for the food: you will find top-quality pulses, vegetables, spices and fresh products here which are the basis of Algerian gastronomy.

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