Essential trip through the intricacies of the Algerian War.

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Moudjahid Museum

A fitting tribute

The Algerian War was crucial for the country and the most important historic event of recent decades. It was a conflict in which, in 1954, the Algerian citizens took up arms against the French colonization and which lasted until 1962, when the population finally achieved its longed-for independence. The French presence in the country started in 1830 and lasted for over a century. This museum, which is located in the city of Tizi-Ouzou, opened its doors to honour the victims of this war. It is actually nearer Algiers than Oran; however, the historical and testimonial importance of this centre and the memory it preserves makes it a place that must be included in the list of essential places to visit: it provides a powerful insight into the intricacies of the conflict, with numerous graphic testimonies that explain its development and how it affected the people.

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