Music is vital to the understanding of Algerian folklore, it is one of its most deeply-rooted elements.

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Tradition in Algeria was marked not just by Spanish and French influences, but the old pre-European tribes also put down some deep roots which still survive today in the country’s folklore. Music is one of the disciplines where the African culture, identity and roots are noticeable; it is not surprising that we can learn more about Oran’s different civilizations through its music. In Oran’s streets, concert halls and its many festivals, you will hear the Arab-Andalusian music which gave rise to malouf, a music of Bedouin origin which is particularly important in Algeria. Also tuareg music from Tamanrasset and Djanet and a lot of sung poetry from the Aures area. But, above all, look out for rai music, a style of music which has made an impression on younger Algerians and which has become really popular.

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