This settlement lets you discover the most authentic, purest and oldest aspects of Algeria. You will love it!

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A trip to the past

For anyone who has time to travel around Algeria, there are several sites outside Oran that should be visited if you are interested in learning about the country’s very deepest roots. For example, five hundred kilometres south of Oran is the M’Zab oasis: standing like a symbolic gateway to the great desert (the Great South), this settlement is an impressive waterfall of buildings, with the houses all appearing to be on top of one another; and all painted in the characteristic white. This place was founded by the Berber Mozabite tribe who have had very little contact with the European civilizations like the Spanish and French, so that Islam has been, steadfastly, the predominant religion in the area. In addition, the market at Ghardaia, a city next to M’Zab, and the city itself show the oldest and purest Algeria that you are likely to find. This will be a truly authentic trip!

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