National Museum of Fine Arts

The third contender: another top-ranking museum. Simply stunning.

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National Museum of Fine Arts

Not two but three

Together with MaMa and the Bardo Museum, the National Museum of Fine Arts completes the trio of centres located in the capital of Algeria, making it truly worth your while, if you have time, to leave Oran and visit its neighbouring city. Although each museum covers a different period, this last museum is the largest in the Maghreb area and has over eight thousand works on permanent display. It is hugely important because, despite the great architectural content of both cities, it has been harder to maintain its artistic heritage over the years due, among other reasons, to the continual wars in the struggle for control of the country or the religious conflicts. The collection it houses includes major works from the XIV century up to the XIX century; the Art and Revolution display is particularly notable, an ode to good taste.

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