An essential visit which will make you think about the strong historic roots that have left their mark on the city.

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Pacha Mosque

Mosques with history

As you will see from your stay in Oran, three different historic periods have shaped the history of the city: pre-colonial Oran, the French arrival and the Spanish colony; the surviving architecture that can be found here relates to those periods. Accordingly, the Pasha mosque, which was constructed in 1796 during the reign of Beh Mohamed El-Kebir, was built to celebrate the Spaniards leaving the country. However, it was occupied by French troops and did not return to Muslim hands until the country’s independence. It has now become one of the essential places to visit, to contemplate and to clarify how this city is the result of continuous intermingling, sometimes peaceful, sometimes violent, of both distant and neighbouring cultures. From the struggles between native civilizations in the area to the arrival of powers from neighbouring Europe.

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