An area with archeological remains where you can appreciate the legacy left by the Roman empire in the country.

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Roman ruins

Centuries old

One of the features of Oran that make it so idiosyncratic and which is still clearly in evidence when you arrive in the city, is its heterogeneity; the interlinking of different crowns from around the world as well as the mixing of local cultures has given rise to this fusion, which allows us, in the present day, to see a unique collage. In this respect, the areas of Dejmila, Timgad, Tipasa and Cherchell are home to a collection of Roman ruins left by the Roman Empire when it passed through the area. This was due, in the main, to its interest in dominating the trade routes. One particular ruin stands out: Setif, a settlement located just outside Djemila, which means the beautiful one; along with Timgad, it is home to the best preserved ruins, all of them from the time of Trajan. Also, you must not miss the Tipasa cemetery, another place which is exceptional because of its singular beauty. The perfect place to visit for lovers of ancient history.

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