One of Oran's key architectural buildings, a sign of the city's Spanish identity.

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Rosalcázar Fortress

The past and the future together

The Rosalcázar Fortress (today called Château Neuf) was built during the XVI century, while the country was still under the influence of the Spanish crown, creating one of the most well-known architectural monuments in Oran. However, both the political changes suffered by the city, which were usually accompanied by armed conflicts, and the terrible earthquake which devastated the city on the night of October 8th, 1790, resulted in a large part of its architectural history, from all eras and all countries, being lost. Fortunately, and despite the fact that the interior of this enormous fortress is still being restored, it is possible to visit its outside areas, see the walls which at one time defended the enclave and take a look at one of the most important military buildings which the Spanish rule brought to Oran. In fact, the city council plans to be based here in the not too distant future.

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