Did you know that some shops offer you complimentary tea while you are shopping?

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If you are thinking of setting aside a day for shopping in the city, we would like to share some advice with you that we think will be really useful. For example, you need to know that shops usually open from 9 to 12.30 in the morning and from 2.30 to 19.00 in the afternoon/evening. As you can see, opening hours are shorter, so you will have to do your shopping quickly. On the other hand, on Thursday afternoons, many establishments close, and on Fridays too, as this day is considered to be a non-working day; however, all shops are open on Sundays and, in fact, it is one of the most important days for markets, when they are normally packed with people. You must also remember that in some shops it is normal to offer a complimentary cup of tea or herbal tea, and it would be considered rude not to accept.

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