If you love local culture, take the opportunity to discover Oran's most important theatre.

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The Abdelkader Alloula Theatre

A great cultural centre

Abdelkader Alloula was one of the most important, as well as one of the most polemic and controversial, actors and theatre directors in Algeria. He denounced social injustices and grievances through his prolific work during the seventies and eighties: God’s Bath (Hammam Rabi) was one of his most popular plays because it questioned and criticized the privileged position of politicians while society in general was still suffering hardship. This theatre, in the centre of the city, was named in his honour and it has now become one of the main cultural centres. By the way, as most of the programme is performed in Arabic, you may find a visit there quite a challenge, but if you are interested in local culture we recommend taking the time to choose a suitable show and definitely attending one of its events. You can enjoy not only plays but also concerts.

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