Its current use makes visiting it even more interesting: do you know of any other circular football pitch?

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The bullring

Yes, that's right!

It may seem strange, but you’d better believe it: Oran has a bullring. It is one of the most curious monuments that you will come across during your visit, particularly as it was built during the period of French rule. Why? Because there was still a large Spanish community in the city. The building is beautiful, truly individual, a hotchpotch of the typical historical bullrings of the Iberian Peninsula combined with local trends and materials; meticulous masonry of light and coloured stones and several eclectic decorative elements. Following the country’s independence, it was no longer used as a bullring from the 1960s, and now, the authorities allow local football teams to play inside it, which makes it even more extraordinary: watching a football match on, probably, the only circular pitch in the world will be a genuinely novel experience. Are you ready for an unforgettable sporting event?

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