Sidi Houari is Oran's central district: many pleasant surprises await you here.

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The city centre

Let's talk about the different districts

Oran is divided into twelve very different districts, differing both in their appearance and in the laws that govern each one. The district of Sidi Houari is the historic centre where it is believed that the origins of the great city lie; at any rate, what is definitely known is that it was one of the first Ottoman settlements in present-day Oran and the Spanish and French made bids for it on successive occasions. In this area you will find the historic Saint Louis College and the old Pasha mosque showing evidence of the settlement’s cultural heterogeneity; however, most importantly, you will find the Palace of the King Bey d’Oran, perhaps the most famous of all the architectural remains. Of course, as you walk through the streets you will also be able to see traces of the Spanish colonization. The district of Hamri, known as Lamur, is another of the central districts which best testifies to the French stay in the city.

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