Do not miss this opportunity: this is one of the few mosques in the world that you can visit.

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The Great Mosque

You can go into this Mosque!

After Algiers, the country’s capital, Oran is the largest and most important city in Algeria. It was founded in approximately 927 by merchants who used this port as a meeting point on the Mediterranean route. Not long after this, the Spanish occupied the city and they did not leave until the severe earthquakes of 1790 (the Ottomans had also attempted to expel them, of course). The French occupation started in the XIX century and a large part of the city’s appearance is due to them; it is not surprising that it is said to be the most European city in all of Africa. Even so, it still has an interesting heritage from its Muslim origins, a religion that is practised by 99% of the population today: a perfect example of this is the imposing mosque which was built in 1769, almost the only mosque in the world which allows visitors inside.

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