The great sand seas

Welcome to the most extraordinary landcapes you have ever seen. Spectacular!

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The great sand seas

Rising up to 300 metres

Just like a Martian landscape, the dunes you see here rise up to above three hundred metres of height; and the savage winds that blow in the Grand Erg Occidental (Western Sand Sea) have shaped the gigantic black rocks over so many years that it has resulted in a fascinating and unique lunar landscape on the Saharan sand. It is truly unbelievable! To arrive at the Western Sand Sea, you pass kilometres and kilometres of dunes, only interrupted by oases such as Beni Abbès, Timimoun or Golea; your only company will be friendly camels and the not so popular (although equally exotic) fauna which has adapted to living in these inhospitable conditions. Naturally, you can only visit here by camel or 4x4 and you must always have a guide. However, it is definitely worth the effort, you will never have seen anything like it before.

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