The intermingling of cultures is reflected in this synagogue, also known as Temple Israelite

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The Great Synagogue of Oran

Religious eclecticism

We can reconstruct the history of Oran and Algeria through the architectural works which appear in every street of this city. The first conclusion we draw is that the intermingling of cultures and religions forms one of the fundamental pillars of its development; in this sense, when you visit the Great Synagogue of Oran it is impossible not to think in eclectic terms. It was built at the end of the XIX century but not opened until 1918. An interesting fact is that it is also known as the Temple Israelite. This building became one of the main temples, and one of the largest too, in all northern Africa; however, in 1963, soon after achieving independence, reforms were introduced which were very harsh on its citizens and a large part of the Jewish community was driven into exile. In fact, the synagogue was converted into a mosque in 1975.

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