This glamorous method of transport has been back on the city streeets since 2013.

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The legendary Oran tram

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During the French government of Algeria, the city had a railway system; it was inaugurated in 1898, crossed the city and took the inhabitants to areas outside the city centre, which was where many of them worked. However, the city had to declare itself bankrupt on a number of occasions, and on one of these occasions, in 1950, it was decided that the railway was not included in the enterprises which the local authority would have to maintain, because of its high financial cost. It wasn’t until 2013 that trams were seen once again, running along the main city streets together with renovated trains, some new wagons and some new routes. Today it has become an enchanting method of transport from which you can learn about some of the important points in Oran, an original, comfortable and endearing method of getting around the historic centre. All aboard?

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