The mountains of the north

Algeria is a country of contrasts. The northernmost region will make this clear.

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The mountains of the north

There's winter here too

To say that Algeria is a country of contrasts is merely stating the obvious. What you maybe didn’t know is that, in contrast with the well-known desert climate of a large part of the country, the northern area has a completely different ecosystem, where there is snow in winter and also some winter resorts: we are talking about the areas of Kabylia and Aures. There is a fascinating variety of really interesting places which are worth a visit. One of the most important cities is Constantina and of more rural interest is the town of Kabylia, an indigenous town, famous, amongst other things, for sheep breeding. Finally, the Djurdjura rises from the natural plain, with its mountain passes and peaks making a natural haven of exceptional beauty.

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