The flower species vary noticeably from the north to the south of the country, depending on the climate.

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The national flora…

Contrasts everywhere

One of the most notable contrasts in Algeria lies in its enormous diversity of plants. Thanks to the changing and rugged geography, in the north of the country, where there is a Mediterranean climate you can find cedars, heather, strawberry trees and pines and, in general, some of the most colourful species of plants. Why? Because it is close to the coast and has milder temperatures. In contrast, the south of the country has desert landscapes where you can enjoy cypresses, palm trees, terebinths and several species which are resistant to long periods of drought, sudden changes in temperature and adverse weather conditions. In fact, it is here that you can see one of the most characteristic elements of Algerian cookery: dates, which are an ingredient in some of the most traditional recipes and which no respectable table would be seen without. All the varieties of date come from this area.

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