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The Palace of Culture

An artistic venue par excellence

This is one of the most exceptional buildings in Oran. It belongs to the colonial period. It was the French crown that ordered it to be built and then converted it into the bishop’s residence, and so it remained until the end of the XX century. During this period, Pierre Claverie, bishop of the city during the eighties and nineties, decided to donate the building to establish a cultural centre in the city, a decision that made him one of the most highly-regarded public personalities in the city. Since then, the Palace of Culture has reinvented itself completely and now shows the work of musicians, painters, poets and sculptors from around the world, with work by both local and international artists; in fact, it became one of the most coveted stages for plays and music concerts, a reputation which it still has today. Have a look at the entire programme to make the most of the best leisure opportunity in the city.

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