The views you will enjoy here will remain etched in your memory for ever.

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Wahran Port

An attractive commercial port

This port was the access point to the sea built by the French colony and it was the city’s main economic driving force, its great point of strategic interest. It is located to the north-west and built on the site of a previous port, dating back to the ancient Berber civilizations. In fact, Oran has always been a popular port with merchants and traders from the Mediterranean: boats and frigates used to come here from all over the world, including Asia, and also traders from the interior of the African continent; this is one of the reasons why you can find elements of other cultures, such as the Asian culture, in Algerian folklore. However, it is not just this that awaits you here: as well as the historical content, which is of undisputed importance in learning about Oran’s development, the port offers superb views out over the Mediterranean Sea, an image which will remain etched in your memory for ever. A highly romantic spot.

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