Ceramics, carpets, tapestries, material… All at extremely affordable prices.

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What to buy in Oran

Infinite possibilities

The centre of Oran, characteristically, offers an extremely wide range of items for keen shoppers. Although there are some shops with international reach, especially in the fields of fashion and accessories, that’s not exactly where the essence of shopping in this city lies: you will find it in the large quantity of stalls in the street, in the souk or in the mobile stalls selling local products. The arts and crafts of Oran focus on different forms of ceramics with the infinite iconography belonging to the country’s folklore and, particularly, on carpets and related products. All around the city you will find innumerable types of tapestries, embroidery, shawls and cloths made by hand by their sellers, using traditional techniques. And do you know the best thing? They are top-quality products at very good prices. Our advice to you is, be prepared to haggle!

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