Where to start your shopping trip

For more sophisticated shops, the northern area of the city; if you are looking for street markets, head south.

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Where to start your shopping trip

Our suggested itinerary

Although the layout of Oran is slightly arbitrary, which inevitably becomes a part of its charm, it is also useful to know that there are some areas where there is a greater concentration of shops, businesses and services, and that these are not necessarily the most modern parts of the city. So, on the day you have set aside for shopping, we recommend that you start on Mohamed Khemisti and Larbi Ban M’hidi streets: these are the central avenues which have a large number of shops, a mixture of family stalls selling artisanal products and other, more expensive, clothing stores. The area of Michelet is the main shopping area and this is where you will find the best selection of shops. In contrast, the southern area of Oran has a large number of street markets, which are much more authentic and local. The best thing? The city is small enough to walk from one area to the other

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