"The Dragon's Caves," created by water aeons ago, with leave you breathless with its primordial beauty - enhanced with a little light and sound!

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Drach Caves

A powerful experience combining nature with a touch of special effects.

Way out in the east of the island, the Coves del Drach ("ko-vuhz dal drak," literally "dragon's caves") are enormous cavities dating from the Miocene period, eroded by water into a masterpiece of nature. Since medieval times, locals have been exploring these caverns, and now spectacular lighting accompanies guided tours down here. At the end of the first segment, you'll continue by boat on Lake Martel, a lovely passage through an ancient realm. And for the grand finale, the journey ends with a serenade of classical music echoing through these subterranean precincts. Truly this is one of the most lovely and impressive experiences you can have in Majorca.

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