You'll amaze anyone who you give one of these to as they make a great souvenir from Pamplona.

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Botas de vino Las Tres Z.Z.Z. (The Wineskin)

The most traditional gift.

The 'bota de vino' (wineskin) is one of the traditions that is not to be missed, which also represents an important aspect of wine culture, making the perfect original gift. You're bound to see many imitations of this object in the souvenir shops around Pamplona, but if you're looking for a quality 'bota de vino', that's made of leather or synthetic, you have to go to 'Botas de Vino Las Tres Z.Z.Z.' shop, which is located on the road named 'Puente Miluce'. Curiously, this company has survived since the 19th century, when it was founded by Gregorio Pérez and Eusebio Iglesias, and has become a national reference in the market nowadays. The name 'Las Tres Z.Z.Z' comes from Gregorio Pérez's triplet daughters of whom he wanted to pay tribute to his lovingly named "zagalas" (shepherd girls), who eventually bought the business.

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