This small church served as a refuge and was used for surveillance during the neighbourhood battles in the city.

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Iglesia de San Nicolás (Church of St. Nicholas)

A small fortress.

The neighbourhood disputes during the 12th century in Pamplona almost turned into civil wars and that is why St. Nicholas chapel was built as a church/fortress: just the same as mass was given, they looked out for possible enemy attacks from its high towers. Unfortunately, the original Romanesque architecture of great value was lost in a fire that was caused by one of those clashes between neighbourhoods or 'burgos'. The reconstructed chapel, which is located at 'Plaza de San Nicolás' (St. Nicholas Square), was built with huge walls and railings that helped to improve its defences and its Gothic look adds to its monumental character. Curiously, the Baroque organ that you'll discover inside is one of the oldest in Pamplona, and it's still used on special occasions. This chapel’s medieval architecture with its Latin cross floor plan respects the Gothic style and it’s ancient stained glass windows offer light to its medieval paintings that were discovered after a restoration.

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