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Castillo-Spa de Gorráiz (Gorráiz Castle Golf & Spa)

A charming hotel and much more.

Can you imagine a dream environment where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon of spa, an exclusive menu and cocktail bar on a terrace that opens out on to a golf course? Or do you prefer an intimate dinner in an atmosphere of velvet and stained glass windows? You can enjoy this experience, which is only five minutes from Pamplona in the 'Castillo-Spa de Gorráiz'. It's a luxurious hotel of avant-garde architecture and designer decoration, with a golf course, which is available for both guests and visitors, where you can spend a pleasant day of golf or hire private lessons. As well as the spa's thermal circuit with specific therapies such as 'la ruta de la seda' (the silk route)' or 'tratamiento cóctel de frutas' (fruit cocktail treatment), sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi, the 'Castillo-Spa de Gorráiz' also offers exquisite catering and cocktails prepared by the Spanish champions of combination plates.

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