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Centro de Arte Contemporáneo HuArte (HuArte Contemporary Art Centre)

Contemporary culture in a peculiar space.

If you visit the town of ‘Huarte’, which is five kilometres from Pamplona, you'll probably be surprised by the disconcerting architecture in the form of a giant black cube (6,500 futuristic square metres, surrounded by a metal fence and a garden area) on the street named 'calle Zubiarte'. It's none other than the avant-garde design proposed by the architects Franc Fernández de Eduardo, Carles Puig and Xavier Vancells, in order to accommodate the 'Centro de Arte Contemporáneo HuArte', which is a national benchmark of new creative movements and cradle of emerging artists in the region. The museum is not only limited to visual disciplines, it also boasts a stable programme of theatre and dance, school exchanges with other cities and workshops which are open to the public, ranging from architecture to music, comics or film and any other form of art.

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