Taller-escuela de encuadernación J. Pagola (J. Pagola Bookbinding Workshop/School)

Book lovers will find their special paradise here.

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Taller-escuela de encuadernación J. Pagola (J. Pagola Bookbinding Workshop/School)

Crafts for your souvenirs.

If you have a book that you inherited and it doesn't stand upright on its side, you can take advantage of your trip to Pamplona and visit the 'taller-escuela de encuadernación J. Pagola', which is situated on the street named 'calle Manuel de Falla' since the early 1990s. They don't only retrieve old books here; they also do small editions with prints in gold or mosaic and make delicate boxes and cases that you can take with you to decorate or to give as gifts. If you're looking for craftsmanship in leather or paper, agendas, diaries and other stationery products, this is your shop. In case your stay in Pamplona is going to be prolonged and you're interested in the world of bookbinding, there's also the option of consulting the workshops that are available in their school, where they offer theoretical and practical classes on cartoning, Japanese binding, gold leaf inscriptions, treatment of scrolls and medieval techniques.

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