Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona (Arteta) (Ethnographic Museum of the Kingdom of Pamplona) (Arteta)

A tour of the area's rural history through its trade unions.

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Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona (Arteta) (Ethnographic Museum of the Kingdom of Pamplona) (Arteta)

There is plenty to see by the outskirts of Pamplona.

La Casa Fantikorena' (Fantikorena House) is located in the town of Arteta at 22 kilometres from Pamplona, where one of the springs was born that supplied water to the capital. Here in this building, which was built with curious rural architecture, typical in Navarre during the 17th century, stands the 'Museo Etnográfico del Reino de Pamplona'. You'll find parts of rural society here that are not only from Navarre, but also from all parts of Euskal Herria with more than 8,000 objects of different ages and professions, which are related to iron, wood or clay. The ethnographic museum was born as an initiative of the sculptor José Ulibarrena Arellano and his family collection has been extending since it opened in the 1960s, to represent more than 100 traditional trade unions nowadays which includes their work tools and instruments. The house/museum is divided into themes such as woodwork, masonry, sewing and dressmaking, traditional medicine, mystical beliefs and craft products.

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