Molino de San Andrés (San Andrés Mill)

A river walk where you’ll find little treasures.

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Molino de San Andrés (San Andrés Mill)

A crossroads.

The Arga River Park offers a 12-kilometre walk that follows the banks of the River Arga through Pamplona and nearby towns, which boasts a picturesque setting between Villava and Huarte: the 'Molino de San Andrés'. It's a 16th century building, which is preserved as a tourist attraction after centuries of grinding cereals and feeding a mini hydroelectric plant that used to supply electricity to the nearby village. Nowadays, it has become an exhibition centre and a reference point of the 'Cruce de Caminos de Santiago' (Santiago Crossroads), (the Baztan and the French), which is located a few metres away. The 'Molino de San Andrés' features exhibition rooms where its old functions are explained, including a screening room and its old turbine room, as well as a cafeteria and a garden area with around 3,000 square metres of space for picnics and relaxation.

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