300 kilometres of catacombs offer a chilling experience. Piled high with thousands of skulls and bones, this place has a moving history.

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Catacombs and the Chapelle Expiatoire

Brrr… spooky!

The figures from this cemetery, one of the most well-known in the French capital, will send a shiver down your spine: an estimated 6 million people have been buried in these tunnels and chambers, which extend for nearly 300 kilometres under the city (although public access is now restricted to just a small section). Originally the catacombs were limestone quarries. However, this all changed in 1786 when corpses were first moved here from various municipal cemeteries in an attempt to curb the spread of diseases which were devastating the city at the time. Nowadays, you’ll be shocked by the haphazard stacks of thousands of human skulls and bones, creating a moving impression on those who dare to visit.

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