Le Jules Verne, George and Kong

Haute cuisine in Paris. Credit cards at the ready!

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Le Jules Verne, George and Kong

Luxury recommendations

If you want to enjoy Parisian haute cuisine in top quality restaurants in the most sought-after locations, and without worrying about at the bill, here are three excellent recommendations: Le Jules Verne, Georges and Kong. For more information on the first of the three, located in the Eiffel Tower itself, check out the website www.lejulesverne-paris.com. The second, Georges, is a modern-style restaurant on the roof terrace of the Pompidou Centre. Similarly, you’ll find Kong on the top floor of the building designed by Phillippe Starck himself to house the flagship Parisian store for international fashion house, Kenzo. This cosmopolitan restaurant serves amazing fusion cuisine, accompanied by the best panoramic views over the Seine and Pont Neuf. Find out more at www.kong.fr.

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