Does it remind you of Amélie? This is where she lived! Visit the Café Tabac des Deux Molins and it will all seem very familiar!

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Pavement cafés, art and a bohemian vibe

If you have seen the classic film Amélie, no doubt you’ll want to visit this part of the city where its charming protagonist lived. You can even go to the picturesque Café Tabac des Deux Moulins where she worked, which in real life looks exactly as it did in the film. Montmartre is a 130 metre hill, offering some of the most beautiful views over the rooftops of the City of Light. You’re sure to come across musicians performing in its squares (for example, one of the most fashionable French groups in recent years, ZAZ, began its rise to fame here). A mix of trend-setters, tourists and bohemian artists bring this part of the city alive, any day of the week. Why not get a portrait of yourself by one of the caricaturists working on the streets of Montmartre? Have a coffee and a crepe at one of its pretty pavement cafés or visit the independent art galleries, shops and boutiques dotted around the lower part of the district. And don’t miss out on a visit to the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur, or Sacred Heart, which dominates the crest of the hill.

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