Learn all about Paris at Carnavalet, or lose yourself in French and world cinema at Cinémathèque.

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Musée Carnavalet and Cinémathèque Française

Film and history

If you’re looking for an in-depth history of Paris from the founding of the city to present day, the Musée Carnavalet has all the information you’ll need to become an expert on the City of Light. You’ll find archaeological remains, historic scenes and even reconstructions of former buildings, portraits of distinguished figures and eye witness accounts of day-to-day life in the city over the centuries. The museum is in the Le Marais district and its official site is www.carnavalet.paris.fr. Another interesting attraction, especially for cinema lovers, is the Museum of Cinema or Cinémathèque Française, which is dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of both French and world film heritage. Its collection includes over 40,000 films, as well as posters, old cameras, costumes, sets and other objects and documents relating to the world of cinema. The museum is in a post-modern building on the Rue de Bercy. For more information see www.cinematheque.fr.

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