Travel back in time and discover treasures from the Middle Ages right at the heart of the city’s Latin Quarter.

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Musée de Cluny

Ancient fortress

The Latin Quarter is home to this National Museum of the Middle Ages. Located in the Place Paul Painlevé, it will appear before your eyes as an ancient fortress that has survived under various guises (such as thermal baths, palace and hospice) from Antiquity to present day. What can be discovered here? 3,500 square metres of highly valuable medieval artefacts, an extensive collection of tapestries and even pieces of marble and Gothic sculptures from places such as the Abbey at Saint-Denis or the Notre Dame cathedral itself. In total, the Musée du Cluny boasts a collection of over 20,000 artefacts and artwork, with just 2,300 on public display, dating from Roman Gaul to the 16th century. For visitor information see

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