As the most popular museum in the world, this famous Parisian museum also has something to smile about. Not to be missed.

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Musée du Louvre

Mona Lisa’s adored smile

With the most famous smile in the world, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is the star attraction at this museum, which can be explored on its official website: This National Museum of France is dedicated to a wide range of art dating up to the impressionist era. Its long passageways, lined with paintings, sculptures, artefacts and decorative art, are best measured in kilometres. Opening in 1793, it is the most popular museum in the world with some eight and a half million visitors a year. In addition to the Mona Lisa, the museum contains many other greatly admired works, including painting such as Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix, The Marie de Medici Cycle by Rubens or The Madonna of Chancellor Rolin by Jan van Eyck. In terms of sculptures, its collection dates from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt up to the Neoclassical period, with legendary pieces such as the Venus de Milo or the Winged Victory of Samothrace. From 2003, it has also built a large collection of Islamic art. The glass pyramid at the entrance to the museum was designed in 1989 by architect Ming Pei. It is one of the most obvious modern alternations to this former royal palace chosen to house the museum’s vast collection.

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