Take a stroll around the gardens and if you like The Thinker or The Kiss, why not visit the rest of the museum?

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Musée Rodin Gardens

Rodin and his gardens

Entry to the gardens of this museum is only 1 euro, a reasonable price for any traveller. On the other hand, to visit the entire complex, including the internal exhibition (which is certainly well worth a look) will cost 7 or 9 euros, depending on whether you visit both the temporary and permanent exhibitions or just one of the two. Rodin’s celebrated sculpture, The Thinker, dominates the idyllic rose garden which you’ll find in the grounds of this museum, along with many other famous bronze sculptures by this artist, such as the monument to Balzac. Inside the 18th century mansion, you come across other famous works such as The Kiss. The museum also contains engravings, drawing, painting and much more... Take a look at the official website www.musee-rodin.fr/es.

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