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Palace of Versailles

An absolute must

It’s really worth taking a full day to fully appreciate this magnificent complex, with three palaces, spectacular lakes, dozens of fountains, a huge park and endless gardens. Built under the reign of Louis XIV, it was named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979. Traditionally, it was the official residency of the French royal family and is in fact one of the most important royal architectural complexes in Europe. The monarch to best stamp their personal mark on Versailles was unquestionably Marie Antoinette. Above all, don’t miss out on the Hall of Mirrors (a room which will take your breath away more than any other in the main palace) and the musical fountain shows. In good weather, the very structured and classically designed gardens are ideal for bike rides, rowing in the central lake or enjoying a picnic. The sheer size and scale of Versailles never ceases to amaze: 800 hectares, 20 kilometres of paths, 200,000 trees, 35 kilometres of waterways, 11 hectares of roofing, 2,153 windows and 67 staircases. To plan your visit and check opening times and prices, take a look at the website

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