Colourful local customs and an air of great nostalgia for Porto’s most touristy and picturesque area.

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La Ribeira

Strolls at any time of the day.

A World Heritage Site according to UNESCO,this labyrinthine area of colour and nostalgic hues is the most picturesque, and perhaps the most touristy, of the port city. A picture postcard place which best illustrates the elegant and decadent spirit of Porto, where stately piles mingle cheek by jowl with narrow streets crowned by arches, and with medieval layout, which runs down by the Duero, and whose daily life revolves around the square which bears its name; the Praça da Ribeira in Portuguese (Ribeira Square). Located near to some of the most visited monuments of the metropolis, the area has leading places of special interest, like the Rua da Fonte Taurina, and one of the oldest streets, the Muro dos Bacalhoeiros, (the Cod boat wall!), which formed part of the city’s walled defence in the 14th century, or the Postigo do Carvao, the walls’ only door which is still kept to this day. It’s hard not to be seduced by the traditionalist countryside or its narrow backstreets clad in hand-painted tiles and wrought iron balconies dotted gaily with flowers. With such a background, the Ribeira is one of the prettiest areas in which to stroll and enjoy Porto, whether by day, or also at supper time, to carry on walking round some of its many charming spots come nightfall.

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