Their pleasant sea breeze won’t allow you to get scorched, or the water temperature to rise above 19 degrees! :)

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Lavadores, Espinho and Miramar beaches

Attractive beaches catering to all tastes.

The fresh breeze and the proximity of the ocean combine to make Porto summers pleasant, bearable and not excessively hot, for which reason its beaches tend to be one of the most appealing places to be for visitors when the hot weather arrives. In Gaia, where some of Porto’s extremely famous wine cellars are to be found, you’ll also be able to enjoy beaches like Lavadores beach, which you’ll be surprised to learn is a haven of peace, since it tends not to be very crowded, which is why you can manage to get a certain amount of privacy there compared to the beaches in Foz and Matosinhos. A bit further away there are other sandbanks bathed by the sea, like the Playa de Espinho( where you also wile away the odd hour in its casino), or the Miramar; to get to these last two, you’ll need to catch a local train like a Comboi Urbano (which means local train in Portuguese) from the centre of Porto, at a cost of roughly 2 euros.But if you’re thinking of taking a dip, then you’ll have to be prepared as the Atlantic waters are really cold in this area(with maximum temperatures not exceeding 19 degrees in summer)

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