Museo do Carro Eléctrico (Electric Cable Car Museum)

The smallest visitors will be fascinated on entering the world of the electric cable car.

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Museo do Carro Eléctrico (Electric Cable Car Museum)

A streetcar named “electric car”.

If ever there has been a method of transport representative of Porto, then without any doubt whatsoever this has been the tramcar. And although latterly the “electrically operated car” has fallen into disuse having been superseded by newer means of transport, this picturesque museum takes it upon itself to remind of its fate over the years with its exhibition of machines from different eras (many of high historical value), as well as uniforms and photographic exhibits from yesteryear. The tram brought about a revolution in the port metropolis until the heyday of the motorcar marked its decline by the 1970’s.Yet despite all this, there were still some 500 trams in circulation in the middle of that decade, a sight which has been reduced to a tourist attraction these days. The Electric Tramcar Museum stands on an old thermo electrical plant in the district of Miragia and it’s probably recommended that you go there with children. You can check out prices and opening times on the museum’s website at:

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