O Bacalhoeiro (The Cod House)

Vital to try this cod as you make your way around Porto. A pleasure every which way.

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O Bacalhoeiro (The Cod House)

Cod “in all its glory”.

There is only one word to describe this area above all others to the first time Porto visitor: unmissable. O Bacalhoeiro (The Cod Trawler) prepares cod like no-one else in all its varieties. And for definite this fish is the jewel in the crown of the country’s cuisine. It is to be found in Vila Nova de Gaia where good taste reigns in its modernist tinted dining room. It’s Porto wine chart is also of considerable interest. The selection of the place, with its popular prices, remains well- rounded thanks to the privileged views it offers over the Duero and of the other river bank (which will be delightfully lit up by the time you turn up to have supper.) The dishes are plentiful, given the great affluence of people who tend to turn up at the place attracted by its popularity and the reputation of its stoves for fine dining. Let’s get on with it!

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