If you’re looking for a special carpet or rug, hand-finished with exquisite detailing, then you’ll find it here.

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Regional Centre of the Traditional Arts

Top grade local artisan crafts.

To get up to scratch with the best local handiwork, don’t pass up the chance to visit to the well known RCTA (the Regional Centre of Traditional Arts). It is to be found in a house which belonged to the aristocracy in the 17th century and is right in the heart of Porto’s historic centre, more specifically at 37 Rua da Reboleira. Founded in 1985, in 1988 it was granted Institution of Public Utility status for its tireless work in the field of study, conservation and dissemination of the traditional arts in its manifold forms of expression. It is open every day from 10 am till 6 pm, and doesn’t only market artisan craftwork but also hosts seasonal exhibitions as well as promoting workshops and hosting educational workshop sessions.

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