A real “gravy train” round the Sandeman, Ferreira and Offley vineyards for only 9 euros.

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The famous Porto wineries.

Sandeman takes the biscuit.

Although the number of vineyards to be found in Vila Nova de Gaia number more than a hundred, amongst some of the more well known, famous names like those of Sandeman, Ramos Pinto, Offley, Ferreira and Calém stand out. To plan a visit, a useful recommendation may be to take out a combined entry ticket, like the one where, for 9 euros, you can gain entry to the Sandeman, Offley, and Ferreira vineyards. At the Sandeman vineyard- perhaps the best known globally- you’ll visit the different estates in the hands of a guide dressed as “Mr.Sandeman”, the strange logo created in 1928 which shows a mysterious gentleman with a black Portuguese cape and Spanish style hat. The address is 3, Largo Miguel Bombarda. On the other hand, the Ferreira vineyard is one of the area’s prettiest as it was built on the remains of an old convent, and has plenty of delightful space enveloped in a delightfully heady mix of aromas of sweet wine and wood. It is to be found in Carvalhosa Street, and is open every day of the week. Finally, the Offley vineyard, located at 54 Choupelo Street, offers an animated tour lasting a quarter of an hour. All visits naturally include a winetasting.

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