Porto’s passion for its wines is well-deserving of a museum dedicated exclusively to it, and its secrets.

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The Porto Wine Museum

Turn yourself into an expert on Portuguese wines.

Where would a city like Porto be without a place like its wine museum? All the evidence would seem to make it unthinkable that it didn’t exist. It’s located in a great 18th century building on the shores of the Duero. Since its inception in 2004, it has of course become the most important source of information about this wine. Here you can get to know about its history and its link to the development of the metropolitan area over the course of its history at first hand (sometimes via modern multimedia platforms), as well as an endless array of oddities surrounding the area’s viticulture. Did you know that the small wooden ravelo barges which sail up and down the Duero today were once used as the traditional method of transport for moving Port barrels? Would you like to learn how wine is aged? You definitely won’t regret this visit. The museum’s info comes in English French and German. For the smaller ones, the text carries illustrations and there is even a Braille version for the visually impaired. For the icing on the cake, don’t ignore the wine tasting area and the shop to get a hand on the thing you’ll have really fallen in love with.

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