A fascinating maze of libraries, churches, and more. A must-visit.

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A huge Baroque complex of note.

This impressive, mostly Baroque complex in the heart of the Old Town dates from 1232 and has housed a number of institutions, including a Dominican monastery, a Jesuit college, an annex of the University of Prague, an observatory, and a part of the National Library. Occupying two hectares (5 acres), as an architectural complex the Clementinum is exceeded in size in the Czech capital only by the Prague Castle. Within the Clementinum are the churches of St. Clement and St. Salvator, as well as the Czech National Library, originally built in 1781 and holding some 20,000 antique books and manuscripts. Its interior is organised around five courtyards where you'll find 15 sun dials attributed to Jesuit astronomer Valentin Stansel. Other highlights include the Astronomical Tower and the Mirror Chapel. More details at www.klementinum.com.

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