Not just for fans of Jewish history, this evocative medieval quarter will touch your heart and your spirit.

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Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter

One of the most atmospheric parts of Old Town, with 6 synagogues, an amazing cemetery, and more.

Prague's smallest quarter, surrounded by Old Town, is also one of its most picturesque, the former ghetto of a Jewish community that has existed in Prague since at least the 10th century. Smaller than in centuries past, it still offers a fascinating look into the architecture, traditions, and history of a bygone era through visits to sites such as its six remaining synagogues (the Pinkas, Maisel, Old-New, Klaus, Spanish, and High Synagogue), as well as the Jewish Town Hall and the Old Jewish Cemetery - this last in particular possibly one of Europe's most evocative spots. The state of preservation here is remarkable, and ironically, it survived World War II intact in part not just because Prague escaped Allied bombing but because the Nazis wanted to preserve the quarter as a "museum of an extinct race."

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